This page lists a variety of presentations, unpublished papers and other talks I delivered.

Unpublished conference papers

    1. Evaluasie van skoner vertaalgeheues. (Evaluation of cleaner translation memories) Student symposium of the Akademie. SAAWK, Pretoria.
    1. Re-evaluation of multilingual terminology. DEASA and NADEOSA Open learning conference. UNISA.
    1. The multiple roles of Wikipedia as transformative multilingual knowledge resource (with L Pretorius and N Nomdebevana). CLASA 2017 joint conference of the language associations of Southern Africa, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.
    1. Higher education institutions in SA and their presence on the web. National conference on multilingualism in higher education, UNISA.
    1. Machine translation at Unisa (with GJ Kotzé and L Dugast). National conference on multilingualism in higher education, UNISA.
    1. Building language resources from institutional content in Higher Education (with L Pretorius, GJ Kotzé and L Dugast). National conference on multilingualism in higher education, UNISA.
    1. Verbeurde geleenthede in vertaalgeheuepassing. Student symposium of the Akademie – 1st prize. UNISA.
    1. Social localisation for the rest of us. LRC conference, Limerick, Ireland.
    1. XLIFF from a volunteer’s point of view. XLIFF Symposium, Limerick, Ireland.
    1. Will Translators Use Your Dictionary? (with RD Bailey) Afrilex, UWC.
    1. Die kolomaftrekkingsmetode vir die handelsreisigerprobleem. (The column subtraction method for the traveling salesman problem) Student symposium of the Akademie – 2nd prize. Stellenbosch.

Other presentations and talks

    1. Optimising full-text queries in the amaGama translation memory server. (summary) Postgres Conference South Africa 2019. Johannesburg.
    1. The Academy of African Languages and Science: Strengthening languages at Unisa through research and development in language technology. Seminar of the Department of Applied Linguistics, UNISA.
    1. Rekenaars en veeltaligheid. (Computers and multilingualism) Speaker at 2017’s closing function of the SAAWK’s work group for Pretoria.
    1. Typing South African languages correctly. AALS workshop. UNISA.
    1. Fingerprinting. InfoSec Galois Liberation Mini Unconference. UNISA.
    1. Wikipedia for/by language practitioners. UNISA language services.
    1. Structuring unstructured terminology data. AALS symposium. UNISA
    1. Invited to the Centre for Next Generation Localisation at the University of Limerick (Ireland) as pat of their “Special Speakers” series.
    1. Panel member for “Minimal and modular XLIFF” – Moderator: Christian Lieske at the XLIFF symposium. Ireland.
    1. Software demonstration at the Afrilex conference. UWC.
    1. Invited speaker for the opening conference of AGIS (Action week for Global Information Sharing). Ireland.
    1. XML Translation. A talk about ODF and XLIFF at the Department of Science and Technology’s workshop XML in government. Pretoria.
  • Numerous presentations at events of the Mozilla foundation about localisation software and processes for their products such as Firefox.
  • Numerous appearances on radio and TV about software localisation work in South Africa and beyond.
  • A series of interactive talks at work about Python. It is aimed at junior and senior Python programmers to improve their insight and skills in Python.